July 12, 2011

Wish in a Bottle

I found this cute little bottle when out shopping for beads this weekend. The little cork stopper has a eye ring in it all ready to put on a chain. I'd seen this idea before somewhere on the net and thought it was so cute. I have filled the bottle with dandelion seeds! The ones you hold up to the wind and make a wish with. So I just had to add the word wish to the bottle too.

Instead of typing it however, I thought it would be cute to put the dictionary definition of wish in the bottle.

Well it just so happens that I recently found a tiny little dictionary at an estate sale. It is copyrighted 1937 and is no bigger than my palm. So cute! The pages are nice and yellowed and I thought I would use it for card projects as a full page would just fit on the front of a standard card.

So I found the word "wish" in the dictionary and photocopied it so that it would have a white back (if I cut it out there would be another W word on the back. :0( that would not work.
Then I rolled it a bit to fit so that it would still show all the dandelion seeds.

I just love tiny old books, here are some from my collection. The one on the bottom is an old Girl Scout Handbook copy written 1933, that I picked up at an Antique store in Big Bear. 

The AA Milne books are all mine from when we were kids.
There is also a 30's sandwich book that I picked up for getting interesting ideas for my Tea Parties, two poetry books and now the dictionary sits proudly as the smallest on top of the pile.

Yes that is a HP Time Turner on the top!

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  1. I love finding/owning old books and old photographs... that stack of books is gorgeous!